Best Brother Award: Boy, 13, cares for 4 siblings on 1,000 baht a week

Five siblings, age two to thirteen, live at their rented home in the impoverished Isaan province of Buriram without a guardian. Their story made headlines in Thai media this week after it was learned that the big brother, 13, does all the housework and feeds his younger siblings without help from any adults.

It was reported that, after their parents separated, their mother, 37-year-old Panita, moved to another province to work on a sugarcane plantation a year ago. She sends money back to her children and comes home when she can.

At the rented home live three boys and two girls: Fluke, 13; Fia, 11; Kaowfang, 9; Fern, 6, and Ford, 2. While the older kids go to school, the two-year-old is dropped off at a government daycare center.

Everyday, Fluke, 13, wakes up at 5am to cook breakfast, lay out the school uniforms, bathe his siblings, and walk them to elementary school before he goes off to his middle school in the city.

In the evening, Fluke has to cook dinner, do the laundry and dishes, help his siblings with homework, and tuck them into bed.

Every one or two weeks, their mother sends them around THB1,000 (USD30) for the family. Fluke might buy one serving of curry or another tasty dish for all of them to share but they cook their own rice. Sometimes, the neighbors give them food.

Being the eldest, Fluke is not discouraged by the fact that he doesn’t have guardians to care for him. Instead, he has stepped up to be the man of the family. He excels academically and was chosen to be the district representative to compete in an international math competition, where he won a gold medal.

Fluke’s lifelong dreams are to own a house and pursue higher education. He wants a stable job as a policeman, reported Sanook.

Source: coconut bangkok

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